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Alexis Dawes – Desperate Buyers Only

Alexis Dawes – Desperate Buyers Only
Author: _Alexis Dawes
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Review written by Chris Rempel

Here’s “Desperate Buyers Only” in a nutshell:

Without giving away any of Alexis’ secrets or, in my opinion, deadly tactics for whipping out a hot-selling product with ease, I’m going to show you how truly easy it is to launch your own product – and how much profit you can realistically expect to see as a result…

1. Identify a Desperate Market

Alexa’s got a very precise sequence for not only identifying desperation and markets where zero-hesitation purchases are “business as usual”, but also how to specifically determine people’s exact wants, needs and problems. Their psychological breaking-points, so to speak.

From there, you simply “reverse engineer” the process, package it, and sell it.

2. Rapid Product Creation

Alexa’s running example throughout “Desperate Buyers Only” is the 12-page wonder that brings in about $200/day in sales. The beauty of this approach is that, as she puts it, “you can take free apples, turn them into apple-juice, and then sell it”.

Here’s an example of exactly how this happens:

Some of ClickBank’s top-selling “info-products” are really nothing more than glorified link directories (re: all those “legit online jobs” networks, or the “paid survey programs”, etc.), or otherwise a compilation of FREE STUFF that the users might not otherwise have known about.

And all it takes is a quick glance at their affiliate gravities to see that most of these products are selling into the hundreds of copies daily…

Here’s what else Alexis covers in full detail in her blueprint:

* Compiling Actual “Insider Secrets”, Even When You’re On the OUTSIDE (in Any Market)

* Writing Your Short Report So That Readers Love It and GET Results (Specific Writing Methods)

* Naming the Product So It Grabs Attention And Sells (She has a killer “fill in the blanks” template with lots of suitable product name types)

* Pricing the Product So it Sells (This is normally very tricky – but her approach is surprisingly easy and hard to screw up)

3. Marketing & Promotion

This is where the rubber meets the road, and all too often – where a lot of “would be” info-product marketers end up biting the dust in confusion, poor results and failure.

Your pitch-page needs to convert; and for that to happen, you need targeted traffic.

Back to square one?

Not at all…

What I really appreciate about Desperate Buyers Only is Alexis’ style of writing – she just tells it like it is. And that includes her exact process for writing sales letters (it’s easier than you’ve been led to believe), as well as the precise sequence – including every marketing activity in full disclosure – that she does in order to generate targeted traffic.

I can tell you right now that as a product-owner, the HUGE advantage you’ll have over a regular website is the potential for traffic from active affiliates, bar none.

THAT is the ultimate strategy, folks. And if you’ve never seen how much traffic you can get by recruiting your own affiliates – you, my friend, are in for a very pleasant surprise.

Especially if you’re listed with a public network like ClickBank. It’s absolutely crazy how much attention your product will get once it starts selling consistently – that’s when things really start to take off for you. For example, even though it’s been a long time since I’ve made any even remote attempts to garner promotions or JV’s for “Confessions of a Lazy Super-Affiliate”, did you know that on average, it still gets over 500 visitors per day just from ClickBank Affiliates?

(Yeah, yeah, I know – I’ll get my butt in gear and drum up some more attention soon – I’ve been busy…)

I check my affiliate reporting stats every so often, and every day I get referrals from more than at least 50 different affiliates. Of course, it’s usually only a handful of those that produce any sales, but still…

…try doing that with article marketing, squidoo, etc

So anyway – that’s the real power in having your own affiliate force behind you. And that’s a low-end example. I know that as an affiliate, I drive more than 1,200 referrals to a certain vendor every day. I can’t imagine how much traffic they get from the other hundreds of “me’s” out there doing the same…

Anyway, sales-copy writing and traffic generation are topics that are too complex to cover in a blog post, but they’re covered in specific detail in Desperate Buyers Only, and it’s specific to info-products, which is in some ways a lot different than how I lay things out in “Confessions”.

For example, a major part of her strategy is actually selling info-products on what she calls “springboard sites”, where members in a certain niche are specifically looking for information to BUY. (Hint: Ebay could be considered a springboard site, by this definition)

This makes it easier to sell a product in comparison to just relying on search engine results – because you’re not competing with results that have free information.

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