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Amazon FBA Japan – The New Market Revealed – The A-Z Course

Amazon FBA Japan – The New Market Revealed – The A-Z Course
Author: Amazon FBA Japan
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The First Amazon FBA Japan Course! Everything You Need to Know to Dominate the Most Profitable Market in The World.
What you’ll learn
How to dominate the Amazon FBA market in Japan
How to create a profitable and automated business in the most profitable Amazon Market
How to create your own empire with Amazon FBA differentiating from those who are selling in the ultra-competitive markets
How to find profitable products with Software designed for the Japanese Marketplace
How to Export from China to Japan and send the goods to the Amazon warehouses
The best marketing strategies to sell on Amazon Japan
How to launch and find reviews to scale the business
How to grow your Private Label Product
How to list your product in Amazon Japan
How to beat the competition
Avoid newbies Mistakes
What you need is a laptop and an Internet connection
The First Course that finally reveal how to Dominate the Most Emerging and Profitable Market in the World!
Amazon FBA Japan is definetely the least competitive and most profitable Amazon Market!
The reason why this market is unexplored can be found in the language barriers. In fact, Overseas Sellers have no idea how to overcome this obstacle and do not know how to deal with Japanese customers. For years new sellers have started their Amazon journey from the US or EU, regardless of the Asian opportunity.
This has lead to an insane competition in the “common” markets whereas it has left the Japanese one pretty uninvestigated.
What EU and US sellers do not know, is that the japanese culture allows sellers to apply premium prices and gain huge profits compared to the American or the European Markets.
Everyday sellers are seeking for new profitable products and new niches to enter, trying to think outside of the box.
The real problem, is that they are inside the box!
The saturated market where everyone is trying to launch a new product, is the box. The only way to start thinking outside of it is to make a market revolution. You have to do something completely different from the other sellers.
Do something that other people cannot even take into consideration.
Stop looking for new products, and start looking for new markets.
What just few people try to do, is a market revolution instead of a product revolution. Everyone is trying to create and private label products that do not even have a market just to differentiate. And guess what… They fail.
If you do not have an existing and profitable market, you cannot succed. How can customers buy from you if they do not exist?
What I am telling you, is that you should start to enter a new existing market, where customers are many, and where sellers are not enough to satisfay the demand.
The Japanese Market is The Market.
Let’s consider the Average Japanese customer.
He is a person who works its entire day, committed to the company he is working for. His income is around $3.000 per month. Japanese employees are commuters who take long rides on high tech public transportation from home to their wotkplace. They do not have much free time and beacuse of that they prefer buy online while commuting. The online shopping is indeed increasing and becoming more and more popular among the country.
Moreover, their wage allow them to look for quality product, instead of cheap and low quality ones. This is a fundamental aspect to take into account if you want to succed in the long run within this market. The Japanese mentality makes customers not to accept poor products. This will allow you to apply a reasonable mark-up to what what you are selling and gaining an unexpected profit compared to the other markets.
Who I am and Why I have created the course
I have been selling on amazon since 2015. I have started first in EU, then I expanded my business in the US. I realized then that eventhough I was making profits, the competition was increasing and I needed to look for new markets in order to keep having a 6 figures income.
For this reason, I started in 2017 to sell on Amazon Japan, and I can tell that the profits I am making in this market are exciding every expectation.
The reason why i have created the course is to make sellers and wannabe sellers that Amazon FBA is still a profitable Business, You just have to change the country where you are selling, where the competition is leading every chance of profit away.
This guide will allow you to save money and time and start selling in Japan ASAP! You want to create your own empire before the competition comes and become strong enough to beat it when it will arrive!
Course Breakdown
The course is a step-by-step guide that will help you dominating the Japanese Market.
Throughout the journey every aspect of this Business is Clarified.
This is what You can find inside!
2 different methods to find profitable products
how to succesfully launch the products
How and where to get positive reviews
how to source your Product
How to export from China to Japan
How to list Your Product Page
How to grow Your Private Label Brand
how to use the Seller Central
All the FBA terminology and explaination
The Course will be updated as soon as a single change in Amazon Japan takes place!
There would not be any extra charge for the Updates!
If You have any question or any doubt to solve do not hesitate to send me a message!
Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
Who this course is for:
Those who want to start the most profitable Business online
Those who want to start a Business on Amazon
Those who already sell on Amazon but want to differentiate from competition and start looking for new market opportunities

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