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Glenn Livingston – 80/20 Teleseminar

Glenn Livingston – 80/20 Teleseminar
Author: Glenn Livingston
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This is a teleseminar with Perry Marshall where Glenn Livingston discusses his survey system and the new 80/20 version of it.

If you’ve been on my list for any length of time
you know Dr. Glenn Livingston. He’s the man who …

– Used to be a consultant for AT&T, Novartis, Whirlpool,
AMEX, Lipton, and about 30 other Fortune 500 companies

– Took the techniques he developed while working with
these companies and entered 17 markets successfully

– Turned simple online surveys into a tool that shoves
competitors out of the way – they don’t even know what
hit ’em

– Caused such a storm at my first seminar that I had
to fly out to his house in NH as a STUDENT so I could
learn EXACTLY what he was doing

But here’s what you don’t know:

Since he first introduced his concept to the internet,
he’s had hundreds of students and has been hard at work
updating his method. Now Glenn’s method is:

– MUCH easier to implement

– Requires MUCH less work (that four letter word)

– It applies even more powerfully to your *existing* business

– Has a natural synergy with your existing
opt in lists (and your snail mail lists too)

– Is easier to use offline, on your blog, with
more traditional ecommerce sites, with Social
Media and Web 2.0 properties

– Is easier to connect to EMOTIONAL BENEFITS
you can immediately use to improve your CTR
and CONVERSION rates in Adwords

– Now has a direct impact on your ADWORDS
strategies and Adwords copy

Plus, … Glenn’s given a lot more thought
to translating the results into actual sales letter
and autoresponder copy, and how to embed it with
the right mood, tone, and imagery for maximum punch.

Glenn is one of only 3 conversion experts I’ve
been recommending for years. That’s a VERY small
list so you’ll really want to be there!

Here are some of the many things we’ll cover during
this FREE training:

– See how to “power-survey” your in-house list

– Learn the 80/20 method for quick and easy application of the
Livingston method

– Dramatically reduce the risk of entering new markets or doing line

– Leverage the Livingston method for existing businesses

– Find true point of difference benefits in your market

– Build a buying heat map across the whole vocabulary of your market

– Identify hyper-responsive market segments and discover exactly how
to serve them

– Discover how to survey in 2008 with Google Quality Score issues

– See how to identify emotional purchase motivation and tie it back
to specific features and functions of your product or service

– See exactly how to translate your research into powerful
advertising copy

– Step by step methods for uncovering more deeply held thoughts and
feelings which drive buying behavior

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